How To Make Money

The ways to make money are virtually endless, but there are important guidelines which must be followed in order to do it right,
and for the right reasons.


By Honest Means

Never even consider the option of making money dishonestly or illegally! If what you're doing requires secrecy or bending the truth from time to time, it's dishonest. Your means of making money should always be above reproach.

By Hard Work

In an age of doing the least amount of work required to keep a job or receive an "atta-boy", diligence and productivity are often scoffed at. But at the end of the day, who is it that gains the most respect, is the most highly regarded as an employee or coworker, or who gets the promotion? Having an attitude of diligence in your work not only earns you respect, but it helps you to respect your work as well. And feeling good about what you do becomes its own motivation to excel.

By Avoiding Schemes

What a shame it is that good, honest people get so easily sucked into scams and schemes when it comes to making a few extra bucks! Trying to make money this way is always a losing game. Don't do it! Stick with what you know. Ask questions. Talk to your friends and family before embarking on any new venture. They can be a good objectivity guage if they have your best interest at heart. Trust their instincts.

By Investing

Careful planning for the future is how you can best provide for your family and help others. Investing should never be out of greed or selfishness, but be properly motivated as means for provision.

                                    AND DON'T FORGET:

The most practical way to make money is to maximize the income you currently have. This would include spending less than you make, and saving the difference. Don't spend your hard-earned money on frivolous things. Pay attention to where it's all going, and what you can cut out. Just as making a switch from that daily sweet coffee drink to black coffee can result in about a 30 lb weight loss in one year, so will cutting out that same expensive daily coffee result in some substantial extra dollars in your pocket. It all adds up.

Also, consider your job a privilege. Work at it with all your heart. Your diligence will eventually pay off when your superiors notice your work ethic and reward you for it. An excellent work ethic will give you employment security. Not necessarily in your current job (any business can always go bust), but in that it will always make you very employable. Employability, in this sense, is a form of job security. Make yourself highly employable, and making money naturally follows. 

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