Inspirational Quotes About Money

Need a little encouragement in your money management endeavors? 
Here are some inspirational quotes I've gathered that I have found helpful along the way.

Getting Started on Your Financial Plan

Just take some action.

Keep plugging away at what you CAN do and before you know it, what seemed impossible is accomplished.

That first step is crucial.

Get determined and get started.

Setting Goals

Big goals can be overwhelming.  Write them down, then break each goal into bite-sized pieces, and establish a daily habit that will move you toward those goals

Write it down. A budget isn't a budget until it's a written plan.


Understanding the difference between needs and wants is a key factor in cutting excess expenses and staying out of debt.  When you decide you want to pay off debt or save for something special, that focus will give you the discipline to stick to your plan.

Think things through.  You don't want to make a decision that will only come back to bite you in the end.  (Pun intended.)

Being cautious has its place, but sometimes you have to face your fears to reap the rewards you would otherwise miss.

Decisions must be weighed in light of understanding what may be lost in order to achieve a gain.  A long-term gain is worth a short-term loss.

Financial Bondage

Being foolish with your money is the surest way to lose it.

It's much easier to find good deals if you are not desperate.  Planning ahead for expenses and circumstances puts you at a greater advantage in your spending plans and in negotiation.

One sure way to get out of financial bondage is to get out of debt and stay out.  An emergency fund is the surest way to stay out of debt.


True generosity does not come from whatever excess you have, but from whatever compassion you have for others in need.

When you grow spiritually, giving to others is a natural outpouring of that growth.  Your perspective changes, and so does your attitude about money and how it should be used.

Money has no value in heaven.  Our service for The Kingdom does.

Wisdom & Generosity

Money is useless when collected for its own sake.  It's only useful when it is shared in productive ways.

A rich life is one that is shared.

Your heirs will benefit from having enough to help them to reach that next step, but having too much may cause them to lose ambition and drive which will ultimately lead to their downfall.



It's always best to start investing early to let compounding work its magic without much effort on your part.  But it's never too late.  Set it up and watch it grow.

Anyone can invest successfully, as long as they have the discipline to study, learn, and grow along the way.