Do It Yourself:
Build Your Own Website Like I Did

Curious to know how you can build your own website like I did?
Here's how I did it:


I spent several months searching for the perfect means to funnel all my interests and abilities into one place.  I filled out lengthy skills surveys, researched the internet, read several books, and asked a lot of questions.

I couldn't seem to find the right match for my skills and interests, because they're too varied for any particular job or career.  This was frustrating, to say the least!

Then one day, I decided to just look into blogging because I love to write, and I had heard you can make some extra money at blogging.  As I researched the idea, I eventually happened across a site that turned me onto the idea of creating my own website.  

It sounded perfect!  A way to channel all my varied interests, abilities, and passions into one place!

Being the analytical type that I am, I researched it as thoroughly as I could, and spent a lot of time mulling it over before making a decision.

At the encouragement of a friend and with the blessing of my husband, I made the leap and became a website owner!  


The program I decided to use is called SoloBuildIt! (or SBI!).  Everything you need to create and build your own website is self-contained in the package: Education and training, step-by-step instructions, Do's and Don'ts, helpful forums, and support like no other web-building program I could find!  Being able to skip past the technical stuff and a very high learning curve means putting together a website faster and more effectively.  You can't beat that!


Being a website owner and a part of the Solo Build It! community has been fulfilling and enjoyable.  It has opened doors that were closed to me in the past, and has given me what I've always wanted:  what I like to call "Something of My Own".  

If you decide you'd like to build your own website like I did, you will be able to have that too.  Imagine:  "Something of Your Own" that will motivate and inspire you to work a little harder in order to move you down the path toward your goals, big or small.

That is worth considering!

I Love SBI!

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